Keith and Gary

Keith and Gary


We're a couple of brothers who are in our own 2nd act careers and wanted to start a company that could leave the world a little better then when we started.

It's a process we've begun and look forward to the future where we and the team will evolve the business and create a larger and more extensive impact on our environment.

After several iterations of corporate careers we reached a point where we felt like we could achieve something worthwhile that contributes to the good of society and potentially leaves a positive impact for those that follow us in this world.  Our own research on the durable goods waste stream revealed a problem that wasn't going to go away.

By no means are either of us subject matter experts on the topic of the durable goods waste stream.  However, we could see with our own eyes the problem.  For every problem there is an opportunity.  Which is how we choose to see things.

There are vast pools of material resources that can be reanimated into new products with simple de-construction at a material level.  We seem to have come full-circle in this regard as a society.  Years ago this was the norm to upcycle typical product/materials.  Our folks remember having to do this on a regular basis.


Like all fledgling startups you reach a point where you've maxed out your bandwidth and cannot move forward without the help of others.  We're getting some incredibly valuable help from two long-time friends, Darren and Bryan.

Having known them both for near thirty years I have every confidence in their abilities to be part of taking this enterprise to the next level.

2019 Update

While Gary and I initially started Iron Rose Collection, Gary has stepped back from the business to focus on ventures in his town of Healdsburg, CA. I’m still working hard to make it a viable business focused on building heirloom quality home decor products created from all different types of reclaimed materials.

I started the year by closing the Salt Lake City, UT shop. Moving myself and the business to Albion, MI. Why Albion, MI? My brother Dan and his family live here and it’s time to be near family. Our associate Bryan still keeps a shop in Salt Lake City to service clients & events in the Mountain West Region. I’ll be able to reach markets in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania from my location in Albion.

You can always reach me at or text me at (801) 633-5881.