Do you have the initiative and drive to manage your own business?  Do you want flexibility in how you manage your business?  Iron Rose Collection produces heirloom-worthy products from reclaimed materials.  Part of our mission is to have a greater impact on the durable goods waste stream.  We realize we need the help of others to make that happen through local direct-sales by qualified dealers.

The people we're looking to partner with don't need any experience with crafts, woodworking, or building products.  Successful dealers are outgoing, engaging and above average communicators.  They have a natural rapport with people and can talk about anything.  Dealers love the thrill of closing the sale!

Every year in cities all over the U.S. thousands of events (by our estimate 20,000+) happen throughout the year.  The top five states for events are: California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania).  We're looking to partner with dealers in metropolitan areas that can support dealer success.

Art & Crafts Shows

Farmers Markets

Festivals (e.g. Celtic, Greek, Music, etc.)

Cultural events


Home & Garden Shows

Women's Events


Holiday & Gift Events

Gun Shows

Car Shows

We're seeking individuals that are motivated to attend community events, happenings, etc... in their geographic area and market/sell Iron Rose Collection products.  We offer quality upcycled products that people love.  We're building a brand that people recognize.  We're looking for those individuals that want to scale a business to their lifestyle.  It can be as big or small as you like.  Most markets in metro areas with a population of <= 150,000 residents have multiple events during the year that will allow you to participate and sell IRC products.

We offer additional income opportunities through residual web sales from your defined geo-market, customization referrals, custom designs for your market and we continue to develop ways for you to make money.  Start up costs are minimal < $3,000 and you control how busy you want to be by determining which events you want to attend.

If you are interested in having a larger discussion of how you can own your own business please email  We're currently developing territories in over one hundred metropolitan areas.