The story goes that our friend Susan T. never liked anything being called a lazy Susan.  We polled tens of Susans and our research revealed that nine out of ten Susans prefer "sexy" to "lazy".  We thought it would be fun to call them "Sexy Susans" instead and so we do.  We also believe that they're sexy for other reasons:

  • To be a sexy Susan it must be made from reclaimed material.

  • The turntable (lazy Susan) has a rich history of design and functionality with most people having seen, used or owned one somewhere in their family.

  • Our Sexy Susans work hard on a table, counter, kitchen island, ottoman, patio table or anywhere else AND can be displayed on a wall as functional art when not needed elsewhere.


Barrels actually have a limited life in the wine & spirits industries.  At a certain point they become a waste product of both.  However, they're built from white oak which is a very hardy material and is exceptional when reclaimed.  It has a beautiful & vibrant previous life and has endured all sorts of additions to its original character.  Iron Rose Collection starts with complete barrels that we harvest the material and create different products.  Our signature product is the Sexy Susan which is our version of a turntable.  We harvest the barrel heads right from the barrel leaving the original barrel hoop and top 3-4" of the barrel staves that circle the barrel head.

Most wine barrels have the original cooper marks and we retain those marks offering them under our Coopers Series.  For every marked barrel head we have unmarked heads.  To those we add proprietary designs such as Wine Country, Taste of Wine, and other designs to.  Whiskey barrels we acquire either directly from the distillery or source through other channels.  We're always approaching distilleries seeking permission to use their brand.  We can only use brands that we have permission to use.


We build each Sexy Susan by hand after harvesting the material, milling it if we need to and cleaning it up. While the barrel versions vary slightly in size a wine barrel is typically 23-25 inches in diameter. A whiskey barrel is just under 23 inches in diameter. Our other versions we build are typically 19 inches and 16 inches wrapped in a steel barrel hoop. We do build larger custom Sexy Susans please contact me and we can start the design process for a larger custom piece, Keith@IronRoseCollection.com.


The Sexy Susan can take many forms and uses.  We build them to be heirloom products that you and your family will keep for a long, long, long time so they're designed to be exceptionally functional.  We can craft the same barrel head into several different products:

  • Sexy Susan

  • Wall art

  • Clock

  • Serving tray

  • Mirror

  • Light fixture


 We're often asked about the rest of the barrel.  We have several uses for the remaining material.  Some we sell to other makers e.g. www.Spoonwright.com who craft beautiful spoons, spreaders, and other products from the material.  Some we sell to folks who love to smoke meats.  The whiskey barrel staves are great for smoking with.  Many of the staves we convert into trays, bowls and baskets.  Lastly we donate material for firewood to an organization who supports Hopi outreach.