We'd love to connect with you and have you peruse our products.  We're continually working with new pools of material resources and finding new ways to reanimate parts into unique living accessories.  You might have something special in mind.  There might be a need for something specific for your company.  Below are some of the ways we might connect.

In 2019 we’ve made some changes and moved our shop to Albion, Michigan. Our associate Bryan still does events in the mountain west region with a focus on Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. You’ll find Keith at the shop in Michigan and attending events there, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Visit our Shop - we have a working shop (meaning dusty) with a small showroom where we display a smattering of our current products.  You're always welcome to stop by when you call first to confirm we'll be there.  You can reach us at (801) 633-5881.  The address is 1625 E Michigan Ave. Albion, MI 49224..

Shop the website - Some items we have regularly others might be limited in numbers and others might be seasonal.  We call the items out if it's not a regular item.

Find us at Events - we maintain an ever changing calendar of events across the United States. Email keith@ironrosecollection.com to find out where we’ll be.

The Iron Rose Collection display at the 2014 Park Silly Holiday Bazaar

The Iron Rose Collection display at the 2014 Park Silly Holiday Bazaar

Commission a Project(s) - we love to work with clients on individual and specific projects.  Some that come to mind are interior design, corporate gifts, retail fixtures, company branded items, etc.  Possibly you have some component parts that have great sentimental value to you.  Let's discuss how we might incorporate them into a new object of lust and desire that is specific to you.  You can be involved at various levels of the project as much or as little as you'd like.

Non-profit Fundraising - we are a part of the community that we live in.  We believe it is necessary to give back to the community that supports us.  As such, if you have a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit and maybe you're looking for an item for a silent auction or fundraiser contact us and let's discuss what we might be able to make happen.  Email me at keith@IronRoseCollection.com.